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MAR 06

ImmaRockstar update

Work is coming along great on ImmaRockstar and I am pretty confident that I can get a beta version released within the target time (this month). Most of the key features are now completed and I am currently working on small fixes here and there and also some of the smaller features such as Messaging and forums. I will of course post again when everyone can signup for a beta account, which I don't expect to last much longer than a week or two. Once beta is over the site will open to the...

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FEB 26

Eternal Kingdoms leaves beta

Well the long awaited public release is now here. Eternal Kingdoms has left behind 2 months of very successful beta testing and now enters full gaming mode with prizes and the whole nine yards. With the end of beta, the new points store for premium features has been completed and added. This gives users a unique opportunity to buy points and get cool new upgrades and bonuses not otherwise offered. We are expecting to have a very successful first round out of beta and hope to give out much...

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FEB 16

Eternal Kingdoms leaves beta soon, definite prizes

Well I am positive now that this will be the last beta round of Eternal Kingdoms. We had a very successful first beta round followed by the current second round of beta which has been even more successful. I anticipate an even larger turnout for the public release of the game. I have decided on the first public round prizes. These prizes will get better and better each month so be watching for big prizes to come in the near future. For this first beta round I have decided on giving first...

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FEB 11

Finally, we have a website!

Well I finally got around to making a website for GoldFire Studios. I think it is a rather good success considering my strong point isn't web page design. Any comments on the new website and logo will be greatly appreciated. More to come Be sure to keep checking back here as I will try and update this blog pretty regularly with the happenings of GF and its sites. Also be sure to check out the Projects page to see the status of our works-in-progress. ImmaRockstar should be done pretty...

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