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MAY 17

SMS Alerts

I have just added a great new feature to Eternal Kingdoms. This feature is SMS Alerts, and for those of you that don't know what they are, SMS Alerts are text messages sent to your phone to let you know in about a sentence of certain events. These alerts can be used to let users know when they have been attacked and the outcome, when there is a new news post, or when they get a random event. This is a wonderful new feature that should help to broaden the reach of GoldFire Studios and I hope...

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APR 30

2 new projects announced!

Well I haven't posted any blog posts in quite a while and that is simply because I have been VERY busy! But this is a very good thing:-) Not only have I added several new features to the ever growing Eternal Kingdoms and allVolume, but I have dreamed up 2 more projects to add to my to-do list. The first is a site called cQuiz that can be located at This is a site where users can build their own custom quizzes and let their friends or anyone take these quizzes. More...

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APR 10

Apex Web Gaming is 2 years old!

Well not quite, but on April 17th Apex Web Gaming will be 2 years old:-) This is the longest surviving site in our network and I plan on continuing to provide game owners and gamers with a top of the line service to not only provide a location for gamers to find games to play, but also a way for game owners to get their game moving along with a new flow of traffic that can generate a high signup rate through highly targeted visits. I also have near future expansion plans for Apex Web Gaming...

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APR 02

allVolume public release

Well I have just completed allVolume and launched the site with an astounding database of over 200,000 tabs and lyrics. I have high hopes for this new part of the GoldFire Studios network. Be sure to check it out and let your friends know:-) If you are a music fan I am sure you will be pleased with the service. Also, you may notice the site is fairly slow. This is because it is still on our old server, and I will be transferring it to this server shortly.

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MAR 17

New Server!

Well you have probably noticed by now that Eternal Kingdoms has become VERY slow, and down most of the time due to such a high server load. The game has outgrown its server (which is obviously a good thing, this means the site is doing amazingly well). I have just now purchased a new and very powerful server to handle the growing demand for Eternal Kingdoms. The server is currently being setup and should be ready within a day or two, and that time I will install anything necessary, do any...

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