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APR 30

2 new projects announced!

Well I haven't posted any blog posts in quite a while and that is simply because I have been VERY busy! But this is a very good thing:-) Not only have I added several new features to the ever growing Eternal Kingdoms and allVolume, but I have dreamed up 2 more projects to add to my to-do list. The first is a site called cQuiz that can be located at This is a site where users can build their own custom quizzes and let their friends or anyone take these quizzes. More...

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APR 10

Apex Web Gaming is 2 years old!

Well not quite, but on April 17th Apex Web Gaming will be 2 years old:-) This is the longest surviving site in our network and I plan on continuing to provide game owners and gamers with a top of the line service to not only provide a location for gamers to find games to play, but also a way for game owners to get their game moving along with a new flow of traffic that can generate a high signup rate through highly targeted visits. I also have near future expansion plans for Apex Web Gaming...

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APR 02

allVolume public release

Well I have just completed allVolume and launched the site with an astounding database of over 200,000 tabs and lyrics. I have high hopes for this new part of the GoldFire Studios network. Be sure to check it out and let your friends know:-) If you are a music fan I am sure you will be pleased with the service. Also, you may notice the site is fairly slow. This is because it is still on our old server, and I will be transferring it to this server shortly.

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MAR 17

New Server!

Well you have probably noticed by now that Eternal Kingdoms has become VERY slow, and down most of the time due to such a high server load. The game has outgrown its server (which is obviously a good thing, this means the site is doing amazingly well). I have just now purchased a new and very powerful server to handle the growing demand for Eternal Kingdoms. The server is currently being setup and should be ready within a day or two, and that time I will install anything necessary, do any...

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MAR 06

Domain purchase - New Project

Well once again I come up with another project that I don't have time for, but that I am going to make anyway because I can't pass up a cool idea! This newest project is called allVolume located at It is a lyrics and tabs search engine that I hope to use to build the largest lyrics and tabs database in the world with. It shouldn't be much longer before I am done with it, the hardest part is programming the bot to crawl the web for lyrics and tabs, but that part is...

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