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AUG 03


Well I have been hard at work over the past half month since 'The New Apex' was released. Apex Web Gaming has become even better and I have added in many new great features into Eternal Kingdoms such as KView. Several more features are coming to EK soon that will change the game quite a bit, but hopefully for the good. Now, to the point of this blog post. With school coming up in 2 weeks and football practice starting next week, I have been forced to change all the release dates of my...

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JUL 16

The New Apex!

Well I have finally finished it:-) It took a lot of long, hard work and planning, but I think it has paid off. The site has a great new layout and many new features. Everything has been recoded from scratch and the site is actually faster now, not just due to the large network upgrade last night. Make sure you check out and join the community! There are tons of great new features for members now other than the awful 'forum' I had on the old site. I have also...

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JUN 24

Updates, been a while

Well I haven't posted in a while, but a lot has happened. For the first week of the month I was in Chicago. I had a great time, but unfortunately missed an ad conference that happened to be in town at the same time. I am sure you are wondering about the "New Apex", and now I have some more updates about it! I am just going to say right now that it is coming along great and it looks great so far. I have also made huge improvements on load time, ad placement, and navigation (as well as...

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MAY 30

Clans at Eternal Kingdoms

The long awaited Clans feature at Eternal Kingdoms has finally been released! Features include: - Full customization of the front page - A members page with admin controls - A clan message board - In-clan trading of resources that was never before available - An impressive 'War Room' that contains many great things such as battle planning, troop creation, and constructing buildings for you clan - Clans are under a ranking system and gain a score from battling one another and other clan...

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MAY 17

SMS Alerts

I have just added a great new feature to Eternal Kingdoms. This feature is SMS Alerts, and for those of you that don't know what they are, SMS Alerts are text messages sent to your phone to let you know in about a sentence of certain events. These alerts can be used to let users know when they have been attacked and the outcome, when there is a new news post, or when they get a random event. This is a wonderful new feature that should help to broaden the reach of GoldFire Studios and I hope...

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