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OCT 19

allVolume Makeover

I decided it was about time allVolume got a facelift. I designed a new layout that I feel is much easier to navigate, faster, and cleaner looking. I also designed a cool new logo for the site.

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SEP 28

World's Largest Petition

I just released a new site into the network called 'The World's Largest Petition", and the goal is to get 50,000,000 signatures to more than double the world record. Please sign it and spread the word at

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SEP 27


Yay, it is my birthday today and I am now 17! Too bad my hand is broken, butI get the cast off in a week. Anyway, just wanted to mention that I am 17 now, but I need to head off to school in 5 minutes:-)

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AUG 29

allVolume Videos

Well, I said it would be a while before I got to this feature, but I got some spare time and took advantage of it. So it is here, allVolume Videos ( This new section of allVolume streams over 10,000 music videos and lets users put codes on their MySpace/Xanga/website to stream the videos on their sites as well with a small text link under the video. Hopefully I get some more spare time like this to make other improvements and projects until I have more time in...

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AUG 20

Quick Update

Sorry about the lack of posts, but as I said below I will be very busy until around mid-December. I have been reading up on a lot of things and getting lots of ideas. So I have a lot planned for when I am not so busy. I am also making some small additions and fixes to the network mainly on the weekends. My latest update for Eternal Kingdoms is the EK Store. You can view the store at Right now I have 2 shirts and a mousepad. I hope to add more later when...

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