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MAR 22

Slogan Spinner

No, this is not my big new project (though new news about that is coming very shortly). I had a quick idea for a site that I wanted to make, so I did. It is called Slogan Spinner, so check it out and let me know what you think. Make sure to let your friends to knowa bout it so it can grow;-)

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FEB 12

Big New Project

Once again, I will not be saying much about my new project as it is very new and innovative, and I don't want somebody jumping on my idea, but I will say that more information will be coming soon and I am shooting for a late March beta launch. I feel that this new site wil be my best work by far and I am very excited about releasing this site. Stay tuned for more updates as they should start coming faster now that the steam behind this project is starting to pick up.

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JAN 23

The Million Tag Project

On Sunday I released a new idea of mine. This new idea is partly a desire to do a project to gather keyword data, and partly spurred by the success of Million Dollar Homepage. This is a new twist on the "ad spam" method started by Million Dollar Homepage, but instead of images it is a large collection of text links on the main page. Take a look for more information and for a better look. Also, for this to work, please spread the word to your friends, and...

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DEC 23

Busy Times

Well, the past 2 months have been ridiculously busy, but Christmas Break has finally arrived, so I am ready to get back to work on that huge project I have been hinting out. I am still going to keep it under wraps for now, but cross your fingers for a beta launch by February.

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NOV 24

Eternal Kingdoms Sold

I have recently sold Eternal Kingdoms to Impulse Communications, or better known as the owners of I will keep the price private, but I can say it should help fund the next big project I am working on. I ran Eternal Kingdoms for 11 months and it was great, it was just time for me to move on to projects I was more interested in. I am not going to release many details of my next project yet, but I will say that it is going to be a new kind of Poker game that you haven't seen before....

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