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JUL 12

Why HTML5 is the future of online gaming

If you are reading this blog, you are probably aware of the massive shifts that the gaming industry has gone through over the last few years. Zynga has used flash to revolutionize casual online games, Rovio and countless others have revolutionized mobile gaming through native applications on iOS and Android and Unity has revolutionized how indie game developers create games for pretty much any device. All of these different platforms create great opportunities for games and have contributed...


JUL 07

Leet Media Launched

Well, it only took a couple weeks longer than anticipated, but Leet Media is finally open to the public! I'm really excited to show off my work with this new project. A lot of attention has been paid to detail in order to provide a superior user experience both in terms of usability and effectiveness of the service. You may be thinking this online game advertising service sounds like another project of mine, and you would be right (partly). Back in the day I made Apex Gaming Ads, but to be...

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JUN 30

My new workflow: Git, Beanstalk, and local development

For the longest time I've developed the way that everyone tells you not to -- over FTP on a live server. Over the years I've found that I've been doing a lot of things differently (usually incorrectly) because I was never actually taught how to do any of this. Now that I'm out of school and have time to really focus on my work, I'm looking to correct this. The first step is correcting my workflow, which has ingrained some very bad habits. For the past week or so I've been working to reverse...

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JUN 19

New Project: Leet Media

There haven't been many updates on PokerRPG, BC Wars, or this blog for much of this month, but that is for two main reasons. The first of which is that I started a new project that I've been alluding to for the past month or two (if you missed my hints, it isn't a new game as you are about to find out). The other reason is that in conjunction with this new project, I've been learning about a lot of great new technologies to really improve both games and anything in the future. One of these...

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JUN 03

First day in the office

The days of working out of my bedroom (at least during the daylight) appear to have come to an end. Yesterday I signed up for some shared office space in downtown Oklahoma City, and today is my first full day to work here. While this isn't a dedicated office space for GoldFire Studios, I hope to be able to upgrade to that later in the summer or this fall. This is a great environment to work in and should allow me to be much more productive and push updates out much more quickly (no Xbox 360 or...

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