What is CasinoRPG?
James Simpson
December 4, 2012

It has been a little over a month since we revealed CasinoRPG, but up to this point we haven't given many details about what the game will actually be. While we still aren't quite ready to show screenshots or in-game footage (those are coming soon), we are excited to share with you more details about the game itself, and some amazing concept art being used in the game's development.

CasinoRPG is a pretty significant departure from our other games, but it still holds true to our roots on the web. The game will be completely browser-based and require no plugins or downloads (no, not even flash…blegh!). CasinoRPG will offer full-screen graphics that more resembles a console or PC game rather than a website (yes, this means you can finally see your character and everyone else's walking around).

The setting for CasinoRPG is an open world with many different themed cities scattered across the landscape. These cities will be filled with, you guessed it, casinos! The catch; however, is that all of these casinos will actually be owned by all of you, the players. As you work your way up in the casino world by gambling, completing missions, doing jobs, etc; you will be able to eventually buy your own casino that will have a physical location in the game.

Once you build a casino, the game gains a very strong tycoon element, but not like any tycoon you have ever played before. This tycoon game will have a mixture of computer and human players visiting and affecting the success or failure of your casino business. No longer will your painstaking designs be relegated to your single-player endeavors!

The goal of GoldFire Studios has always been to blend the boundaries of different genres to create truly unique gameplay experiences, and we've taken that to a whole new level with CasinoRPG. Be on the lookout for more updates over the coming weeks and months, and be sure to sign up to be a beta tester before it is too late.

CasinoRPG Concept Art