New Game: CasinoRPG
James Simpson
October 29, 2012
CasinoRPG Beta Reveal

As we told you about a few weeks back, we've been participating in a startup accelerator since early August and have been pretty secretive about what we have been working on. Well, as we first announced at last week's GoldFire Studios Fireside Chat, a new game is on the way!

The new game is called CasinoRPG, and you can head over to right now to add your name to the list for a beta invite. We don't have a set date for the start of beta testing just yet, but it will start as a private beta with invites going out in batches in the order people signed up, so be sure to get on the list as soon as possible.

The name may sound familiar, but make no mistake, this is something totally new that the web has never seen before. CasinoRPG has been in planning for nearly two years, but we are finally at a point where the technology has advanced to a point for this to be possible.

We aren't ready to share any specifics about the game yet, but all of my posts about HTML5 at SXSW, the future of social gaming, the future of GoldFire Studios, and why HTML is the future of online gaming should give a few hints as to the foundation of this ambitious new game.

Be sure to check back regularly, we'll be posting more details about the game over the coming weeks!