Exocraft Launches on Steam
James Simpson
March 12, 2019

Exocraft launched on the web just over a year ago, but this was only the beginning of its journey. We've been hard at work making new features, overhauling the gameplay and fixing countless bugs as we approached the full rollout of the game across all platforms.

Today is the next step of that journey as we launched on Steam, the world's largest PC/Mac games store! You get the same great experience with full cross-play support, meaning you can login to your account and play from Steam or the web with everything staying in sync. This also means that everyone playing on PC, Mac and web can play with each other. This will extend to mobile when that experience launches later this spring.

Download Exocraft on Steam

As always, we give high praise to all of the open source maintainers out there that have made it possible for us to have a Steam launch like this. As was the case with CasinoRPG, we again employed Electron as the rendering engine for the desktop versions of the game. Greenworks was another vital project that allows the Steam overlays to work with Electron. We of course continue to do our part with extensive open source onctributions back to the community, including howler.js and democracy.js.