James Simpson by James

February 16, 2005

Eternal Kingdoms leaves beta soon, definite prizes

Well I am positive now that this will be the last beta round of Eternal Kingdoms. We had a very successful first beta round followed by the current second round of beta which has been even more successful. I anticipate an even larger turnout for the public release of the game.

I have decided on the first public round prizes. These prizes will get better and better each month so be watching for big prizes to come in the near future. For this first beta round I have decided on giving first place the choice of either a new Nintendo Gamecube or $65.00 USD cash.

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Greg Fultz (GEFNET) Greg Fultz (GEFNET)   February 16, 2005. 04:13

Thats Great News James It's a great Site Keep Up the Amazing work!
Phrozen Phrozen   February 16, 2005. 05:00

forget the gamecube i want the $65 lol
thewhiteblackdragon thewhiteblackdragon   February 16, 2005. 05:17

I can't wait until the official release of the game...and if I win I'm going for the Gamecube...
dnateh4th dnateh4th   February 18, 2005. 02:33

Where r u getting an income?! Woo a game without ads!
codyrockx codyrockx   February 22, 2005. 05:15

can you not see the ads?
Cpvr Cpvr   February 24, 2005. 19:59

Word :p Looks like i might have too beat everyone.
Matt Matt   February 25, 2005. 04:59

that a baby james, it's gonna be sweet