James Simpson by James

February 11, 2005

Finally, we have a website!

Well I finally got around to making a website for GoldFire Studios. I think it is a rather good success considering my strong point isn't web page design. Any comments on the new website and logo will be greatly appreciated.

More to come
Be sure to keep checking back here as I will try and update this blog pretty regularly with the happenings of GF and its sites. Also be sure to check out the Projects page to see the status of our works-in-progress. ImmaRockstar should be done pretty soon, so get ready for that game as it should go over quite well:-)

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stickycarrots stickycarrots   February 12, 2005. 22:12

I love all of your sites James. You are a very good programmer and have great talent. My favorite site of yours so far is probably Eternal Kingdoms. I'm really looking forward to the projects you are working on right now.
thewhiteblackdragon thewhiteblackdragon   February 12, 2005. 22:18

Nice site. I like Eternal Kingdoms, and I can't wait til Project Tank starts. It sounds awesome. The Rockstar game doesn't sound that bad either, and I'll probably join one day... Keep creating more cool games!!! :)
Metalish Metalish   February 13, 2005. 01:02

Ummmm.... I want to win a hundred dollars? I don't know, I'm only posting because some site owner asked me to.
Cpvr Cpvr   February 13, 2005. 02:16

Nice James :) Im glad that you finally got your network up and running =D. I`ll have mine up in a few months.
Steve Steve   February 13, 2005. 02:29

Well this site is very gold! I never knew you were artistic! But anywho nice site I'll have tuns of fun clicking the tabs at the tob:D
remade remade   February 16, 2005. 07:16

I like this site and the logo as well james.. The color mixure you using in for the site is really good.. I noramly dont see website's with this type of tone.. Infact I dont think I have ever seen any with this exact color config.
Jaime Madsen Jaime Madsen   November 20, 2006. 16:19

Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)
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