Arctic Awakening Character Concepts
James Simpson
February 15, 2022

Everything you see in a game like Arctic Awakening is intentionally designed through numerous iterations of sketches, concepts and finally in-game assets. This is no different for characters, props, environments or anything else in-between.

Much of these concepts contain spoilers, so we'll keep those under wraps for now! But, we thought we'd peel back the curtain on our two primary characters, Kai and Alfie, and show a bit of the sketch to concept process that went into their designs.

Designing the main character – Kai.
Getting more detailed with shapes and tech styles.
Honing in on the visual style for drone tech.
Trying a variety of design ideas for Alfie.
Landing on Alfie's base design with facial expression experiments.

These character concepts were created by Lane Brown, who also did much of the artwork for our previous games.