12 Years of GoldFire Studios
James Simpson
June 9, 2020

It is hard to believe, but GoldFire Studios turns 12 today! To celebrate, we are launching this brand new studio website (built with the fantastic open source Nuxt.js). We've come a long way over this time (view the new studio history timeline), starting as just a collection of my side projects and growing into a professional studio with an incredible team and collaborators from all around the globe. Our goal has always been to connect people and build communities through gaming, and we've been successful in reaching millions worldwide.

This new website highlights our renewed focus around the idea of "story first." From the very first projects that were built under the GoldFire Studios name, story was always an important part of the equation. We see story as the fabric that binds communities together, and so we've been working to renew that focus within the studio. This goes for both stories that we tell and stories that our players tell within the worlds we create for and with them. You can read more about our core values on the new studio page.

In addition to a facelift and a renewed focus on our core values, the new website includes this brand new blog (built on top of the open-source Ghost). Our custom blog system on the old site was rather cumbersome, which is why we haven't been posting as much lately. The new blog will allow us to go behind-the-scenes with more frequent developer blogs about our processes and the technologies we are using/creating to build amazing new gaming experiences. We've also got more exciting announcements coming later in the year, and you'll find those first right here on the blog (or on our Twitter, so be sure to follow @GoldFireStudios).

In addition to the new website, we are kicking off our newsletter again (sign up at the bottom of the page)! Our goal for the newsletter is to further peel back the curtain with exclusive information on what we have in the works and how all of it comes together. It will be in the form of a letter written from the team and will only be sent periodically when we have something exciting to share (we hate spam too!).

In the meantime, take a trip down memory lane with the GoldFire Studios websites over the years:

GoldFire Studios website in 2008.
GoldFire Studios website in 2012.
GoldFire Studios website in 2020.